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Ground Source Project

January 3, 2013

Groundsource_IllustrationSouth Yorkshire Renewable Energy has recently won an installation contract for a domestic sized ground source heat pump (GSHP) and underfloor heating job  in Doncaster.

GSHPs use pipes which are buried in the ground to extract heat. This heat can then be used in radiators or underfloor heating systems and provide hot water in your home.

Due to space limitations, this particular project will use vertical boreholes drilled 100 metres into the ground. A 24 kilowatt heat pump will concentrate thermal energy from the ground for use in the property.  This will supply all domestic heating requirements.  via 750 metres of Rehau underfloor heating.

GSHPs can be designed, supplied and installed on both commercial and domestic properties. Domestic properties may be eligible for lump sum grants. For commercial properties there are Renewable Heat Incentive payments providing significant tax free, index linked income for the owner over a 20 year period. The owner also benefits from savings through the lower running costs of the system.

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